Friday, October 29, 2010

Im a crafting fool!

So I have been working hard at my day job (which is at home in my basement!) for weeks on end. With the holiday's coming and a new baby in the family, I needed to start crafting. I've been relentless...knitting, sewing, making cute little acorn necklaces (pics coming soon) and yesterday felting! I didn't really intend to do any felting, but when a friend wanted to get together and craft, this is what she suggested. I LOVE IT! It's like sculpting with wool!

It involves using a variety of felting needles, wool batting and a sponge like block?!, all of which I purchased cheaply at Gossamer's in SE Portland.

I spent the whole day poking needles into wool to make this little birdie. I used plain wool batting to make the body and then covered it in a really subtle rose dyed wool. She's so cute and the process is super easy! The only thing I probably would do different next time is to start with the dyed wool instead of using the wool batting. I loved the little bird without the color on it, but the process to add color seemed a little redundant. It's probably cheaper though to use the batting, I don't know.
Anyway, now I want to make more! Oh the possibilities...

Dyed wool
Shaping the body

Forming the Wing

She's got a really big beak!

She's adding color

Enjoying the rainy morning.
Finished bird!

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