Saturday, November 13, 2010

Simple Baby Sling

Made my first sling last night for the new grand baby! My duaghter-n-law had Kily on Halloween, one week early! Her birth story was crazy! My son whi is in the Army, got deployed 2 weeks before. I was supposed to be here for the birth (I'm a birth doula too) but missed it. She ended up taking my grandson who is 2 to a friends at 8pm, drove herself to the hospital and had the baby with out anyone else there... except (this is so awesome!) my son was tracked down and was with her via live video for 5 hours. He labored with her and got to see and be apart of the birth of their daughter. Gotta love technology! I was so happy it worked out and she had a wonderful birth.

So when I got here (Clarksville, TN), I got on craiglist and bought an old sewing machine for $12! It took me a little while to figure it out but I finally did! The sling came out great and I even made one for my grandson (he wasn't real happy about wearing it for me!) You can get the pattern here!

Yes, I really posted this morning picture of myself!

Not too into wearing his sling!

$12 Sears Kenmore, its a beast!
The grandbabies!

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