Monday, January 3, 2011

The Amazing Aunt Julia

Aunty Julia and I (she didn't want me to show her but I just had too!
I went to San Diego for the holiday's and spent lots of time with family. It was so wonderful! One of my favorite visits was to Aunt Julia's house. Aunt Julia is a fabulous crafter/artist. Although if you tell here she's an artist she just bats her eyes and politely disagrees, of course she's mistaken.

Ms. Julia lives in a sweet bungalow and as soon as you walk in her style and character surrounds you, it's so charming and warm...just like an aunty should be. The house was decorated for the holiday's with  a wonderful collection of Christmas trees upon the mantel and lovely Christmas crafts. I loved them all but the one place I spent most of my time in was her crafting room.

You see Aunt Julia loves to crochet (or that's her thing these days) and because she gets to entertain her great niece and nephew often, they get to enjoy the bounty. Like her wonderful collection of play food! My nephew helps her come up with what to make. They've got hamburgers, tacos, donuts, pea's in a pod and so much more. I heart them so. But that's not all, she showed me her collection of sea creatures and a wonderful octopus she's working on, plus flowers, bags, and even cactus!

Then there was the sewing projects! She has a collection of multi-ethnic dolls she made and a giant box of doll cloths, all meticulously designed and crafted. My little niece is so spoiled. Wonderful boxes, embroidered bags and of course the quilts! Aunty has so many quilts, it took a while to see them problem for me, I adored them. She even gave me one, and I'm so thankful for it :)

I left her house feeling so inspire. All of that beautiful handcrafted work in one place by one amazing woman...I want to grow up and be just like her!

P.S. She doesn't sell a thing she makes, but maybe I can convince her too!

Christmas Crafts, Love the crochet pine cones!
Bags, Bobbles, and Buttons
Crochet oddities...Love the cactus!
Crochet Food :)

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