Thursday, March 17, 2011

Enchanted characters made with bones & hair

I absolutely LOVE the work of sculpture, painter, artist and 3D developer Kit Lane. Her felting is beautifully crafted and the pieces are not at all as they seem. From first glance you see sweet fantastical characters but if you look a little closer animal bones and hair may bedeck these delightful creations. Her imagination prevails in the final piece as well as her descriptions.

After working as a 3D developer for the education and entertainment industry Kit had a need to create things that people could actually touch (mainly herself) without the aid of a computer. She's made over 1500 Jacabobs and Jacabunnies and although the process for making them are the same they don't come to life with a personality of their own until the very last step, when she creates the faces.

The Strangland creatures including Jacabobs, Jacabunnies, Nurblettes, Feezle, Ursabobs and Peas are really a site to see and if your lucky you can get the opportunity to own one.

On the Summit - Peascape in Strangeland Series IX (front)

On the Summit - Peascape in Strangeland Series IX (back

Winter Peacescape (front?)

Winter Peacescape
"The good natured Peas enjoy the company of all the Strangeland creatures, even the occasional hedgehog and woodchuck in the short summer months. Yes, the Raccoon skull, rest his little soul, is pristinely clean, painted and preserved in acrylic blue, has all his teeth and was found on the snowy banks of the Red River of the North. I've been told his father was a traveling sort and his mother was from a good neighborhood. He seems to be quite benign, somewhat quiet which is to be expected I suppose, considering his state. Poor dear."

Seph - a terrestrial cephalopod. Loves the dark, dines on slugs

Love the bum!

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