Monday, May 16, 2011

Cute & Free Paper toys!

I got to do a little paper craft work with the awesome studio Fashion Buddha for their project Cam & Maggie. The characters of Cam & Maggie were illustrated by the talented Mr. Alberto CerriteƱo and then turned into puppets to create a series of short video's for Intel around the concept of Context-Aware Computing.
Context-°©‐aware computing focuses on gathering information about a person using a computing device—such as the person’s current location, patterns of activity, communication with others,immediate pursuits, and so on. The device then uses that information to offer guidance, recommendations, personalized choices, and other options tailored to the individual’s behavior and lifestyle.
I took the flat artwork and created 4 paper toys that you can download for free!

Here some shots from the first video. I love those puppets, so cute!

These puppets are taller than me!
Love this part in the video!
Hey, my dog does that too!

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