Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Knitted Stools

These knitted stools by textile designer Claire-Anne O'Brien are pretty cool. I love the big knitting, they look so modern and handcrafted at the same time.
"Her work plays with technique and scale creating playful and tactile fabrics for interiors. This sculptural approach to textiles brings fabrics to life in three dimensions through form exploration and furniture."
Check out her blog too.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

MS: The Big Knit

 Multiple Sclerosis: the big knit was a collaborative knitting science project to promote awareness and understanding of the disease Multiple Sclerosis (MS) by creating a woollyart installation. The project aim was to engage people with science through the act of creating and via the social nature of knitting.

Designer Alison Thomson helped to create some pieces highlighting the different aspects of MS: the nature of the disease, the role of genetics and the impact of our environment on the disease.

Knitters from around the United Kingdom were invited to take part in the project. In addition to thes open invitation they ran a series of events with knitting and community groups in the Cheltenham area to provide an opportunity for knitters to engage with scientists and discuss MS. Over 90 knitters contributed to the creation of the tableaux, between them knitting over 300 items including brain cells, DNA helices and sunshines.
Created for The Times Cheltenham Science Festival 2011 the installation supported a festival talk on MS. It was the centerpiece of a drop-in knitting corner where visitors to the festival could knit their own piece of science, while talking to experts in the field of MS research.

Get some of their free patterns here!

via British Society

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What I Made

Oh geez, I heart this site! Scott Bedford of What I Made, has an awesome site! I love all of his illustrations and how to's, and his use of recycling or upycling. Even if you don't have any kids, you'll appreciate his fun projects and illustrative tuturials. I personally love the fork egg holder, it reminds me of my late Grandma Archibald, we used to eat our eggs out of the most prescious holders...
His alphabet cards are pretty cool too!

It's a fort for your lego men!

Fruit bowl

This was a can of beans before!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Make Something Ugly

The Etsy Craft Meetup is today in Portland. I'm excited to head over. Tonight (4-6pm), there is a craft activity set up by Vancouver, BC-based crafter Kim Werker from Mighty Ugly
"Mighty Ugly turns the pressure of being creative on its head. Instead of demanding attractiveness, beauty and function, Mighty Ugly demands hideousness. If creativity is a part of your daily life, taking the challenge may feel threatening, but it's great for combating creative block. If you walk through life feeling like you're untalented and not creative, the challenge is your ticket to freedom in creation."
Check out the video, her challenge to make something ugly can really free you to create something lovely. Awesome idea and I'm looking forward to making something ugly tonight!

Mighty Ugly Intro for PDX from Kim Werker on Vimeo.

Seahag & Walrus

I am in love with the work of Portland, OR based artist, Jenny Blaine of Seahag & Walrus. Her jewelry is vintage, unique and just my style. Anything in her shop would look wonderful with my typical dress and road boot attire.  She's got a lot of great mini tool pieces, but other gfun stuff in her shop too, check her out!

This necklace is very cool.

Grass like!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sweet Beastiary

These little beasts are so sweet! London based artist, Flor Panichell of Sweet Beastiary makes some wonderful lovely beast. They're full of character and hand crafted with that in mind. You can't help but keep clicking through her site's to see more! I love how some are rings, brooches, and even on books. The little dolls and finger puppets are so full of detail and so eccentric. Created using paper mache and air-drying clay and then hand-painted these mini works of art are something from a world of their own. She also takes lovely photographs of them. Check out her etsy!

Love this!

I think I need this one.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

TenthStreet Handbags

These are just awesome!  Designer Shamollie Anthony of TenthStreet Handbags is a quite a talented and young designer. Her handmade bags are fun, modern and stylish, with just the right combination of color and texture. She sell's a very affordable line on etsy too.
 fanny pack bag!

I love her new concept for the fanny pack! Doesn't look like a fanny pack I've ever seen!
Love this, available in her etsy shop!

Maybe my favorite.

"Twenty-one year old, Atlanta native and Savannah College of Art and Design graduate, Shamollie Anthony began her love for handbag design at the age of 5, after watching her mother sew clothing and homewares. She quickly learned the basics of pattern design and fabrications and started making small pieces like pillows and clothes for her dolls. Soon Shamollie found herself fascinated with the construction of handbags and while still in highschool the concept of Tenthstreet Handbags was born."

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DIY Paper Roses

I made these paper roses for a web banner for the infamous Pioneer Woman. I create her banners every month and this month I wanted to do something a little more up my paper craft alley :) They are really easy and fun to make and look so sweet on branches!
The Pioneer Woman is a blogger, author, photographer, chef, homeschool and much more. She's awesome, check her out!

I made these using a quillers tool which you can buy for cheap at a craft store.
So cute on branches!
Colored paper stock
Pencil (larger flower) or
Qtip (smaller flower)

Step 1
Draw a spiral on a any size square inch paper (the bigger the square the bigger the flower.)
If you feel confident in your skills just go ahead and cut out a sprial shape with out drawing the spiral from your square sized paper.

Step 2

Roll the ends of the paper towards you until the you reach the end of the spiral.
Be sure to keep a tight roll.

Step 3

When you've reached the end, gently pull the pencil or q-tip out.

Your done!

These are super sweet on branches and displayed in your favorite vase or to cover a table setting.

DIY Quill tool
Bend the end of a sewing pin and insert it into the top of an eraser.
Start rolling tightly to the pin and then onto the pencil. When you reach the end gently pull the pencil out.
Or pull the cotton off of the end of a qtip and use that.

For this months PW banner I used 1.5" to  3" squares of colored card stock and a crafters quilling tool, sold very inexpensively at craft stores. Here's a great how to to make your own for other quilling projects!
This is using a pencil and sewing pin.
I made this one with a Qtip!
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