Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DIY Paper Roses

I made these paper roses for a web banner for the infamous Pioneer Woman. I create her banners every month and this month I wanted to do something a little more up my paper craft alley :) They are really easy and fun to make and look so sweet on branches!
The Pioneer Woman is a blogger, author, photographer, chef, homeschool and much more. She's awesome, check her out!

I made these using a quillers tool which you can buy for cheap at a craft store.
So cute on branches!
Colored paper stock
Pencil (larger flower) or
Qtip (smaller flower)

Step 1
Draw a spiral on a any size square inch paper (the bigger the square the bigger the flower.)
If you feel confident in your skills just go ahead and cut out a sprial shape with out drawing the spiral from your square sized paper.

Step 2

Roll the ends of the paper towards you until the you reach the end of the spiral.
Be sure to keep a tight roll.

Step 3

When you've reached the end, gently pull the pencil or q-tip out.

Your done!

These are super sweet on branches and displayed in your favorite vase or to cover a table setting.

DIY Quill tool
Bend the end of a sewing pin and insert it into the top of an eraser.
Start rolling tightly to the pin and then onto the pencil. When you reach the end gently pull the pencil out.
Or pull the cotton off of the end of a qtip and use that.

For this months PW banner I used 1.5" to  3" squares of colored card stock and a crafters quilling tool, sold very inexpensively at craft stores. Here's a great how to to make your own for other quilling projects!
This is using a pencil and sewing pin.
I made this one with a Qtip!

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