Friday, June 10, 2011

Make Something Ugly

The Etsy Craft Meetup is today in Portland. I'm excited to head over. Tonight (4-6pm), there is a craft activity set up by Vancouver, BC-based crafter Kim Werker from Mighty Ugly
"Mighty Ugly turns the pressure of being creative on its head. Instead of demanding attractiveness, beauty and function, Mighty Ugly demands hideousness. If creativity is a part of your daily life, taking the challenge may feel threatening, but it's great for combating creative block. If you walk through life feeling like you're untalented and not creative, the challenge is your ticket to freedom in creation."
Check out the video, her challenge to make something ugly can really free you to create something lovely. Awesome idea and I'm looking forward to making something ugly tonight!

Mighty Ugly Intro for PDX from Kim Werker on Vimeo.

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