Thursday, June 16, 2011

MS: The Big Knit

 Multiple Sclerosis: the big knit was a collaborative knitting science project to promote awareness and understanding of the disease Multiple Sclerosis (MS) by creating a woollyart installation. The project aim was to engage people with science through the act of creating and via the social nature of knitting.

Designer Alison Thomson helped to create some pieces highlighting the different aspects of MS: the nature of the disease, the role of genetics and the impact of our environment on the disease.

Knitters from around the United Kingdom were invited to take part in the project. In addition to thes open invitation they ran a series of events with knitting and community groups in the Cheltenham area to provide an opportunity for knitters to engage with scientists and discuss MS. Over 90 knitters contributed to the creation of the tableaux, between them knitting over 300 items including brain cells, DNA helices and sunshines.
Created for The Times Cheltenham Science Festival 2011 the installation supported a festival talk on MS. It was the centerpiece of a drop-in knitting corner where visitors to the festival could knit their own piece of science, while talking to experts in the field of MS research.

Get some of their free patterns here!

via British Society

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