Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Canning Jars

I've been thinking about all the canning I'm going to be doing soon. I just love the whole process of growing my own food and preserving and sharing with others after the harvest. Last year I canned cucumbers, grape jelly, berry preserves and infused lots of vodka! I try to give away as much as possible (except maybe the vodka:) and I always end up using my empty jars throughout the year. I love the little ones, they are perfect for wine glasses at my book circle.

There are so many other uses for canning jars too.  I love them in the home, they add charm to the place. Check out these great ideas, most with tutorials!

Lovely lights from Lamp Goods. 

Or make your own, found on Design Sponge.

I have these simple ones!

Bath soap container from Heather Bullard

My favorite- Terrarium by Craftzine

Cupcakes in a jar! Yum. Such a cute idea for a summer picnic! From Cakies!
These a super cute little drink holders. My wine glass wasn't so fancy (just wine!) I love the whole punch top and straw! Sorry couldn't find the tutorial.
And of course just for organizing!

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