Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fiber Arts for Your Soul

Designer Dana Barnes is the creative mind behind “Souled Objects” a wonderful collection of fiber arts and a tribute to craft and the human touch in modern environments. The work is absolutely beautiful and how wonderful to create with such large pieces of yarn. LOVE!
“ Dana's vision is to warm and humanize modern environments with innovative handmade pieces that not only expand the boundary of textile use in interiors, but also commemorate the longstanding tradition of craft. With an emphasis on preserving the tactile nature of the material, each piece is designed to promote a deeper connection that is inherently personal, the rapport intimate. The result is a collection of functional and timeless objects that are sophisticated yet approachable, distinct yet understated; objects that exude a natural flawed beauty creating an emotional link between design and real life. “Souled Objects” is a collection of unique works that explores the manipulation and sculpting of fibers and textiles through a modern reinterpretation of traditional skills and techniques passed on by generations of artisans.  The collection of floor coverings and interior furnishings celebrates the inevitable imperfections that result from crafting each piece using only the human hand – a process that imparts individual beauty, character, and soul.”

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