Friday, February 17, 2012

Globe art

Check out the globe art by Wendy Gold of ImaginNations. They are repurposing globes by creating personalized ones to fit your style or occassion. It's a pretty cool idea, I think with some mode podge and themed imagery it would be a really fun project to create over a weekend. I love the “Where the Wild Things Are” one. How fun would it be to have one for your travels or wedding theme? So cute!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Little Paper Necklaces

These little paper and chalkboard necklaces by Marti Emmons of Coco Delay are eco-fun. I love the little chalkboard command key necklace...of course it's a chalkboard so you could put anything on it really.
There's also something really sweet about the simple paper, stamp and charm ones as well.

Marti is a Portland, OR based artist who makes handmade jewelry and mosaic collage art fashioned from origami and recycled paper, check her out.

This one's really lovely, so delicate.

so cute
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