Sunday, April 8, 2012

Inspiration Trip

I just came back from an inspiration/business trip to San Francisco. I have to say, it was really rewarding and though I miss being away from the family it's really nice to go solo sometimes. I did what ever I felt like doing!
This trip was extra special because I had the opportunity to hang out with my Aunts and Uncle (on my husbands side).  I was also able to explore the city alone and with my wonderful client from Snapfish. She took me to the Alameda Antiques Fair (which is awesome!) and around the city a bit. I was going crazy with my camera and posting to instagram...I'm obsessed!!

One place that inspired me most was in the kitchen of my Aunt Mary. I swear, every woman I have ever met from this Emerson family is extremely creative...I want to be just like them when I grow up.

Mary is a retired typesetter and production artist who sews, crochets, paints, collages and well I guess what ever she fancy's. Her home is her canvas and for the last 20 years she's been transforming her kitchen into another world inspired by India and the Chinese culture. I was awestruck the moment I entered. Everywhere you looked something wonderful was to be discovered. From a feathered photo frame, collaged walls, and intricate paintings to gilded crown molding that may have once been used in something else fantastic. It was all so beautiful.

The rest of her house didn't not let me down. Her formal dining room was decorated with eclectic frames, photos, paintings and drawings. Her work room filled with a wonderful assortment of books and current projects she's working on. She pulled out a beautiful quilt in progress and shared with me the little rabbits she makes. Everything was so delightful but more than anything, Mary was.

This is above the kitchen sink!

Aunt Mary

Aunt Ellen (equally fabulous!) Me, and Aunt Mary

Little Magnetic Works of art

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  1. WOW! What an amazing house! I would love to have my kitchen look like that! So colorful and creative! Thanks for sharing this!


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